The importance of knowledge

New scenarios bring changes. These changes are reality demands, and the best you can do is register and process them in order to give valid answers to the world.

Lately, technological advances have made attainable efficiency levels become superior. To achieve such levels, we give you TIEMPO Training, where you will discover the way to exploit your TIEMPO software to the fullest extent.

Tiempo Training

TIEMPO’s official training platform has been specifically designed and created for helping the users hone their skills when using any of the products that are part of our offer.
You will find a detailed proposal of the courses that will allow you to learn and successfully develop professionally.

Pre-established courses

They are intensive courses where the users will be able to get to know the products by working directly with them and by having theoretical guidelines and real-life examples at their disposal, making it possible for them to reinforce their learning and to master technology.

These can be attendance-based courses, which take place in a proper learning environment, specifically designed to better the results of each class. Such environment is the main classroom at our head office. The courses can also be studied by distance learning, through our learning platform TIEMPO Training, which reduces costs and optimizes time.

Special courses

They are tailor-made courses based on the specific training needs that each business or company needs to meet. It is possible to arrange a training schedule in coordination with teachers and applicants.

These courses are offered to small groups in order to favor a better interaction between attendants, a productive learning environment and an effective incorporation of knowledge. The courses can take place at the applicant company’s office, at our head office or through our virtual training platform.

Contributions to the community

Our plan to contribute to the community proposes the free issue of TIEMPO product licenses to educational institutions. In this way, we help to better train future professionals by strengthening their know-how.

If you are part of any of the institutions below, and you are interested in our program, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you shortly:

  • Schools
  • Institutes
  • Foundations
  • Universities
  • Other

Course times and venue

The course takes place at TIEMPO head office, on 2056 Cubillos St., TIC Park, Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, in a classroom specifically designed for our training programs.

The Schedule is Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Classes are two hours long and the amount of classes depends on each course.


Once the course is finished, each attendant will receive a certificate of attendance and of achievement, which guarantees ample job opportunities.

The certificate is issued by TIEMPOSOFT S.A., and is delivered through Tiempo Training, Tiempo’s official training platform.