It is a paper-free process. It avoids registering an invoice twice, and works on line with the AFIP (Argentine Federal Administration of Public Revenue). It guarantees the protection of the information and its availability at all times. It has applications for the automatic generation of files for the SIAP (Argentina Department of Agriculture) and the AFIP. It carries out an automated transfer of information to the Accounting Firms system, thus eliminating the movement of paper invoices between companies and accounting firms. It generates a list of relevant information in all its modules. It saves time and increases efficiency.


  • Tiempo Integral Management.

    • Service Management
    • Business Management
    • Industrial Management
    • Cost Management
    • Multi-currency Management
  • TVM – Tiempo Visual Management

    • TVM Basic
    • TVM Purchases
    • TVM Stock

Main Features

  • Purchases and Payments. Suppliers checking account

  • Sales and Collections. Clients checking accounts.

  • Webservice E-invoicing. E-receipt import, RECE (in Argentina: electronic invoicing system)

  • Funds transfer (cash flow, banks and third-party funds)

  • Stock movement.

  • Production processes and construction jobs.

  • Accounting processing.