Accounting Plan
Definable by user up to ten digits. Ease of installation and query in any work process. Multiple-field account search.

Registration, cancellation and modification of entries in the daily accounting log book, without any restriction. To create a new entry, you can start by a blank entry or by the copy and modification of an already made entry. The login screen and entry modification allow you to add accounts to the accounting plan, make a ledger card consultation, print a draft of the entry, all without leaving the entry edit section.

Adjustments Entry
Automatic generation of inflationary Adjustments Entry, current value adjustments, annual determination of cost of sales from inventory differences, income statement and financial statement closing.

Data Management
It doesn’t allow you to register mismatching entries and the system constantly informs you about total debts and assets.

Daily Accounting Log Book
Values expressed in Argentine pesos or in another currency. Possibility of listing the log book filtering by entry date or entry number.

Trial Balance
Values expressed in Argentine pesos or in another currency. Account selection by rank or list selection.

Purchasing, sales and cash subsidiaries
Entries and registrations on the daily log book by date. Specific ledgers for sub-diary accounts.

Users’ Passwords
The system has a module of registration, cancellation and modification of users, so that access can be restricted to non-authorized users, and so that sensitive information can be seen or modified.