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Ideal system for the quality management of products from the wine industry sector. It meets the traceability requirements of the National Wine-growing Institute, the HACCP regulations, the BPA, BPM and GAP standards, as well as the ISO22000 standards. It offers a solution appliable to producers, fractionization, concentrator plants and wineries. It exports data for queries from the Website. It contains the following modules:

  • Files
  • Winery


  • Registration, cancellation and modification of all the tables involved in the system: crops, varieties, plagues, income and expenses categories.
  • Machinery, workers, chemical products, harvest containers, packaging containers.
  • Producers, types of soil, estates, parcels, workers’ cooperatives, carriers.
  • Drivers, transportation units, packaging warehouses, cold stores, factories, customers.
  • Countries, provinces, cultivation areas, units of measurement, damages, selection sizes.
  • Post-harvest treatment, Wineries.


Entrance of the grapes to the winery:

  • With the incorporation of harvest delivery notes, the system allows for the grapes to enter the winery, thus generating lot numbers, through which the grapes will be monitored in the rest of the system and for the rest of the processing stages. The grapes already entered are taken to tanks, from which later the resulting wine is transferred to another place, generating at that moment the conversion from kilos to liters.
  • The wine processing in the system is carried out in liters from the moment of such conversion until fractioning stage.

CIU (Statement of grape entry) generation :

  • The system issues forms of the INV (National Wine-growing Institute) on grape entry.
  • List of CIU.
  • Parameterization of form to printer settings.

Electronic CIU:

  • This app informs the INV (National Wine-growing Institute in Argentina) about the statements generated.
  • This is done by choosing a date range, a CIU numbering range and also by selecting de registration unit in the Institute

Supply Stock Management

Wine Analysis:

  • Different wine analyses can be carried out and the results can be registered in the system.
  • The analyses are definable by the user. The results can be established according to range or can be selected from a value list.


  • Once the wines are stored, they are now at fractioning stage. The system allows fractioning of bottled wines by stowage and then box assembly with the corresponding traceability identification through the use of labels.

Features of the Winery System:

  • The system supports different types of storage (pools, tanks, etc.) which, at the same time, support different units of measurement according to the product displayed.
  • Products, sub-products and derived products are definable by the user.
  • Operative processes, analysis and tasks are definable by the user.

Stock reports:

  • The system provides information about movements of the stored products, as well as the stock available at every moment.

Stock graphics available.

Reports on grape entry by parcel


  • Traceability from the vineyard to the container: it provides information starting from the producer, the estate, the parcel, the crops and the variety of the grapes.
  • Traceability from the tank to the vineyard: it provides information starting from the bottle, to the parcel, the crops and varieties. It also displays summary information for every item mentioned.
  • Traceability of the product: with the corresponding analysis, aggregates, control and tasks.