A System for quality management and traceability for Agriculture.

It is an ideal system for the quality management of products from the wine industry sector. It meets the traceability requirements of the National Wine-growing Institute, the HACCP regulations, the BPA, BPM and GAP standards, as well as the ISO22000 standards. It offers a solution appliable to producers, fractionization, concentrator plants and wineries. It exports data for queries from the Website.


  • Agriculture system for large farms and estates

  • System for wineries

Main Features

  • Strict control of aggregates, analysis and wine-making practices.

  • Careful monitoring of production operations.

  • Strict control of supplies.

  • Totally compatible with Tiempo Management System.

  • Flexible definition of porduct movement operations.

  • It has the capability of managing various products along the production process.

  • Multiple warehouses with capacity control according to the product they store.