It is a paper-free process. It avoids registering an invoice twice. It guarantees the protection of the information and its availability at all times. It has applications for the automatic generation of files for the SIAP (Argentina Department of Agriculture) and the AFIP. It carries out an automated transfer of information from the Management system, thus eliminating the movement of paper invoices between companies and accounting firms. It generates a list of relevant information in all its modules. Consequently, it saves time and it increases efficiency.


  • Accounting Firms

  • TVF. Tiempo Visual Firms

Main Modules


  • Accounting Plan

  • Entries

  • Daily and Sub-diary Log books

  • Accounting Ledgers

  • Accounting Statements

  • Balances


  • Purchases

  • Sales

  • E-invoices Import

  • Tax Settlement

  • Accounting

  • Data Export


  • Agreements and Formulas

  • Records and Updates

  • Settlements

  • Issuance of forms and sheets

  • Data Export and linkage to Accounting and Management systems