Multiuser, up to 3 users. Multi-company, unlimited.


A system specifically designed for the management of accounting firms and offices. With the traditional systems, the accountant used to work from an operational point of view, in the short term, and providing their clients with historical data.
With the smart systems – TIEMPO being one of them – the accountant works from the strategic point of view, in the long term, and providing their clients with historical data but looking into the future.

This system is a loyal partner of professionals of Economic Sciences, as it makes their work much more efficient. They invest less time in operational actions and consequently, put all their effort in offering the businessman the help needed for decision-making.

It contains the following modules:

  • Accounting
  • Salaries
  • Taxes
  • Firms Management
  • Management information
  • Connectivity


Accounting plan definable by user up to ten integration levels. It allows to have multiple exercises (monthly or annually) open. Registration, cancellation and modification of entries in the daily accounting log book, without any restriction. The login screen or entry modification allows you to add accounts to or make an account query in the accounting plan, make a ledger card consultation, and print a draft of the entry.
Automatic generation of entries by: cost of sales calculation, income statement closing, inflationary adjustment, current value adjustment, equity accounts closing. It issues basic accounting statements: balance sheets, income statements, equity performance, origin and application of funds and annexes (tangible and intangible assets, welfare assets, expenses, immovable property, cost of sales, etc.) Loading of tangible assets for inventory, redemptions and news.


Suitable for any type of agreement or union.
Concepts and formulas definable unrestrictedly.
Issuance of invoices in pre-printed forms or in blank paper.
Income tax settlement and income tax withholding.
Unemployment fund receipts and sheets.
It exports data to AFIP systems.
Generation of list F 871 (occupational accident insurance company)
Generation of files for Health Insurance Companies.
It allows the use of matrix printer with draft format and for company confirmation.


Natural and legal persons.
Purchase and sales receipts loading, with definable formulas.
Sales and purchase ledger printing in multiple definable formats.
It generates automatic entries in accounting from the sales and purchases data loading screen.
It allows to register accounting in sub-diary accounting log books.
Monthly VAT settlement. Position logging.
It exports data to AFIP systems.
Income tax settlement at any time, from VAT books and accounting ledgers.
Property settlement.
It exports data to the AFIP income system.

Firms Management and Management Information

It is a module that provides information for decision-making by allowing the customers to have a Tiempo Management system. It has multiple functions such as determining payment and collection frequency, cashflow, cost-benefit analysis by product, by category, by customer, etc. It shows the evolution of significant variables.
It is the essential tool to add value and distinguish the services that the firm provides.


All the Tiempo systems have the capability to connect with one another. Thus, the Accounting Firms system can obtain information from the Management system without the need to enter data in the Accounting Firm system.
Just by making use of the data import and data export functions, all operations of the customers from the Accounting Firms are available, by disk, e-mail or direct link with the customer